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News Item

Java Basics & Advanced Courses Now Available via Coached eLearning

JavaBlackBelt also Reveals Full Results of Survey Showing How Coached eLearning Voted “#1 Choice for Java Learning”

Brussels, Belgium, July 16, 2009 - JavaBlackBelt, a global leader in Java learning and powered by over 50,000 developers in its global community, today announced immediate availability across the EU, the U.S., and India of its "Java & OO Fundamentals" and "Java Advanced" Coached eLearning courses.

Coached eLearning combines Java coaching and eLearning to deliver the fastest and most cost-effective way to gain Java skills. In a recent survey of members of the JavaBlackBelt community, developers selected Coached eLearning as the #1 choice for Java learning compared with instructor-led classroom training and self-paced eLearning.

Highlights of that survey include:

When asked which learning method was preferred by developers and managers, respondents selected Coached eLearning over self-paced eLearning and instructor-led classroom training by 4:3 and 4:1 margins respectively.

The top reasons for preferring Coached eLearning over instructor-led classroom training were: "It does not require travel", "It fits into my schedule", "It's more affordable", and "I can proceed at my own pace" -- selected by about 70, 70, 60, and 50 percent of the group, respectively, with this preference.

The top reasons for preferring Coached eLearning over self-paced eLearning were: "I would retain the learning better", "An instructor would help me overcome learning obstacles", "I would prefer the schedule and rigor provided by an instructor" -- selected by about 60, 60, and 50 percent of this group, respectively.

In Coached eLearning courses, the coach remotely meets with the student to begin each course, reviews the course plan and materials, and agrees to a schedule. The student then learns at their own pace from the JavaBlackBelt eLearning platform -- online materials and videos, community forums, exercises, and exams. Along the way, the coach checks intermediate goals, answers questions, helps overcome obstacles, and oversees progress. The course is completed when the student passes the final exam, which, depending on the student's schedule and pace of learning, follows one to two weeks of coursework.

Java & OO Fundamentals is the entry point for learning Java and covers all content and skills in Java SE and OO that Java developers must master to thrive in a typical professional project. The course requires that the student be a computer programmer but no OO knowledge or experience is assumed. Topics include Java Environment, Language Basics, Objects and Classes, Associations, Exceptions, Standard Libraries, Polymorphisms, and Collections. Also, the course prepares the student for all other Java Coached eLearning courses, including JPA/Hibernate, Spring and Java Advanced.

The Java Advanced Course is the ideal follow-up to Java & OO Fundamentals. It begins with skills that experienced Java developers must possess for success in their projects, then elevates the student to SCJP-level performance. Prior to enrolling in this course, students must pass the Java & OO Fundamentals learn exam, available at at no charge. Course topics include Syntax, Classloading, Annotations, Generics, Lifecycles, Overloading, Inner classes, Enums, and Exceptions.

Complete information, descriptions, and immediate enrollment for these new and all Coached eLearning courses is available at , where students can begin learning at their convenience. For the full results of the survey, click here.

Other eLearning Courses open for enrollment or pre-registration include Spring Fundamentals (course and workshop), JPA/Hibernate Fundamentals (course and workshop), Java 5 New Language Features, Java SE Basic, Java SE Core Intermediate, Java SE Collections, Java SE Concurrency High Level, Servlet & JSP Fundamentals, Servlet & JSP Advanced, Struts 2 Basic, Seam Basic, jQuery Basic, and Swing Basic.

Tuition per course is $395 (US), €295 (Europe), and Rs 19,200 (India). To talk to an expert, call +32 498 84 69 91 (Europe), +1 617 418 4450 (US), or +91-11-43086342 (India).

Customer Quotes
Serge Mathieu, Java developer at Genesis Consulting termed his JavaBlackBelt Coached eLearning course "the best training I've ever taken." He explained, "I'm mostly self-taught and have completed some classroom training. In the JavaBlackBelt course, the materials were top notch, the examples were open and interesting, the learning process was very logical, and, mostly, the self-pacing and coaching were critical. No doubt, I learned at a faster pace - two times faster than a traditional course and 60 percent faster than self-study." Mathieu concluded, "Most rewarding, the final exam result gave my manager the confidence to immediately place me on a project using the technology skills I had just acquired."

Mr. Philippe Varin, Managing Director of Genesis Consult, said, "Especially in these economic times, managers of Java developers have a delicate skills balancing act - keeping skill-sets competitive while holding training costs in check. I'm happy to say that JavaBlackBelt offers the best solution to this challenge - their courses offer the affordability and agility of eLearning and combine that with the skills assurance of instructor training. In our organization, Coached eLearning now gets first approval for training requests and we're looking to install it across all of our projects."

More on JavaBlackBelt
JavaBlackBelt is a global leader in Java learning services. Its web 2.0-based Java skills management site is powered by over 50,000 developers, offering members anytime, online assessments across seven levels and 19 state-of-the-art categories. Its breakthrough Coach-assisted eLearning was voted the
#1 choice for Java learning and delivers the fastest and most cost-effective way to gain Java skills. Major organizations that have incorporated JavaBlackBelt into their enterprise skills management include USG innotiv ICT, Smals, Axa, Capgemini, KLM, and XPlore Group.

JavaBlackBelt distribution partners include Global Force DIRECT in the US and India, Skillsmatter in the UK, USG ICT Innotiv in Belgium, iCraft in Egypt, and UDP in Norway.

Learn more at

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